I will showing and talking a little bit about some of the Super Nintendo stuff I have been doing at @bhqfu next Wednesday. The term Kusogods is based on kusoge, a Japanese term literally meaning “shitty game”. There will be chocolate ice cream. s/o to @goodbrainbadbrain

(All images and sounds in this video made with Mario Paint)

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 MMPU-inspired Mega/Rock Mode Run from Zarshir on Vimeo.

Thought it would be cool to have a weapon challenge mode so I “edited” my own! Would’ve been cool to see something like that in the game (especially a wide range of options such as remembering between levels/deaths, forcing/ignoring items, or changing the health/power-up system). Inspired by the unlockable in Mega Man Powered Up by beating Hard Mode, and of course MM5. Also, did it because it reminded me a lot of MMZ and MMZX series dash-and-slash gameplay, and I would’ve loved to have played as Mega Man Zero.

Note: The “music lagging” and general slowdown in the game are known (mentioned on the website as well as info about a fix). The weird desynching/resynching sound and video was an encoder problem I absolutely could not get around. Even more reason it is edited!




Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson: Ladakhi

“The land is so harsh and the passes so numerous, that only the best of friends or the worst of enemies would visit you”.

Ladakh (meaning ‘land of the passes’) is a cold desert in the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is divided into the mainly Muslim Kargil district and the primarily Buddhist Leh district. The people of Ladakh have a rich folklore, some of which date back to the pre- Buddhist era. As the Himalayan farming season is short, Ladakhi only work for 4 months of the year. All ages can join in and help. During the 8 winter months work is minimal and festivals and celebrations are almost a continuous affair, giving them the opportunity to display Goncha, the traditional dress.

cold ass oriental cultures are the coolest f***ing thing

Strange Universe (UPN) from Craig D. Forrest on Vimeo.

This short-lived series ran from 1996 to 1998 on the UPN Network as late night programming. The daily half hour show explored the paranormal, supernatural phenomena, urban legends, spirituality, UFOs and extra terrestrial sightings.

I worked as a segment producer on the pilot series in early 1996, as well as field produced & shot stories on-location during Season 1 that featured themes of spiritual journeys & miracles.

This original title sequence won a 1997 Emmy for graphics design, and was created by the team of Jeff Wunderlich, Michael Kory & Simon Scott.

A huge THANKS to Michael Kory @ 3DesignIMATION for digging through old files and sending this title sequence my way. The only other clips are grainy uploads featured on YouTube.

Paul Barrosse, exec producer.
Margaret Roberts, exec producer.
Craig D. Forrest, segment/field producer.

© Rysher Entertainment & UPN.