Haywire - animated typeface from Animography on Vimeo.

Haywire is a clean monoline typeface with simple but vibrant animations. The design is partly based on a grid, and partly eyeballed. This gives characters a neat appearance without getting too rigid. Haywire features uppercase characters, numbers and basic punctuation.

Design & Animation: Crop

The animated typeface is available as Adobe After effects file at: animography.net

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La clinique renversante from Amelie Tourangeau on Vimeo.

La clinique renversante offre un programme intensif de 12 semaines et propose d’aider les participants à renverser des problèmes de santé dont le diabète, l’obésité, l’hypertension, les problèmes cardiaques et plusieurs autres, au moyen d’une alimentation à base de végétaux.

“La clinique renversante” offers an intensive program of 12 weeks to reverse health problems such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and much more with a plant based diet.

Direction artistique, illustrations et animation / Art Direction, illustrations and animation : Amélie Tourangeau [amelietourangeau.com]
Contenu et rédaction: Anne-Marie Roy, [anne-marieroy.com] en collaboration avec Amélie Tourangeau
Musique et sound design / Music and sound design: Les productions underground [produnderground.com/]



Unexpected Renaissance Sense of Humor

Anonymous Flemish artist, Satirical Diptych, early 16th century, oil on panel. Université de Liège 

Pannels read:

  1. Leave this panel closed, otherwise you’ll be angry with me.
  2. It’s not my fault because I warned you in advance!
  3. The more we want to warn you, the more you’ll want to jump out the window.

Giving a precise meaning is not easy. This type of art is extremely rare in the sixteenth century. You can find similar correspondents in some paintings by Hieronymus Bosch and Quentin Massys, but they are only minor elements and not the main topic.